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Hello....My name is Timm Rosenthal. I've been a machinist by trade for over 25 years. For 16 years I have been self-employed in my shop located in my back yard. My shop’s name is Rosenthal Machine LLC. About 5-6 years ago I came up with something I thought was worth patenting. I call it the "Rose-Index". Last December I was awarded a patent on it.

My young computer prodigy is helping with the technological aspects and computer side of all of this.I’ll let him introduce himself.


Hello! My name is Carl Rosenthal, and I love technology! I have no idea how it started, but it did before I was 5. I have always had a heart for doing stuff with computers. So here we are today! I manage the website for both Rosenthal Products and Rosenthal Products Euorpe, I also edit videos for the Rosenthal Products YouTube Channel. I love it! I get to work with my dad and we enjoy time together. I very much enjoy helping out with this project, and I hope to have a great time on it!
See you around!


In September 2021 I sold a set of Rose index to a customer 8,200 km away on a small Island in the Mediterranean, Malta (Google Maps Link).

This is his story.


My name is Simon Zammit. My 3 siblings and I are second generation entrepreneurs of businesses started with a capital of 3 figures more than 60 years ago by my late father George. My duties and passion was and still is anything technical.

I stumbled across one of the Rose Index Youtubers and was fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of this index. Having struggled for years in our machine shop which supported the manufacturing with investing too much in equipment, I wish I saw this tool years ago. This is a no brainer for any machinist.

It took no time to decide to try one out and put it at my engineering shop’s use. Wow! Simple easy takes up no space of my limited milling bed.

I instinctively decided to contact Timm and make a proposal to distribute his inventions in this part of the World and beyond.

So here we are, in January 2022 the Rose Index is available closer to you in Malta.