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Degree Wheel Hobbyist Rose-Index ® Aluminium 1 Inch to 2 Inch.Now 20% discounted OF THIS PRICE.

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  RI2A Hobby-DW

1Inch (2.54 cm) to 2 (5.08 cm) Inch:

This is the same Rose-Index everyone knows and loves, but with an add-on called the Degree Wheel. The degree wheel is an add on of laser markings showing 360 degrees. Lining up is as simple as pushing a machinist square into the vee grooved side of the Rose-Index. As you push the Rose-Index into the part it will become aligned with the 0 degrees up and 180 down. We recommend that you only leave a few thou of stock protruding from the Rose-Index. This will protect you from scratching the face of the Degree Wheel because the machinist square will be in contact with the stock. Choose the degree of rotation you want. If you want a 10 degree rotation simply line up the 10 degree marks on the top and the 190 degree on the bottom. Simply add 180 degrees to your desired angle, and line up the desired marks on the square.

Easily re-position your workpiece in various ways.

-Rotating 45, 60, or 90 degrees is very easy to do. 30 degrees can be achieved by altering between a square and adjustable parallels on the Hex. Using angled parallels allows for 1 degree increments. We are currently looking at prototyping a “Degree Wheel” for our 1” Rose-Index, however this might take some time to complete, and get our seal of approval.

-Referencing. The Rose-Index is a quick easy way to maintain a reference on your round part so you can remove it for inspection, going from machine to machine, or even for deburring.

-Repositioning by shifting over if you need that couple inches of extra machine travel or even flip the part end for end for a drastic increase to your machine’s work envelope.

The Rose-Index is growing in popularity and is that tool that you will wish you had years ago. Check out videos on YouTube.